Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Visit to Pig Iron Plant

Tuesday the 12th April

This day was very eventful. Though I reached late for lecture, the lecture was good. Indeed good preparation for lecture can give profound satisfaction during the lecture. Infact, I should now think of laying maximum stress on effectiveness in lecture as it gives immense professional satisfaction. It is also quite nice to see the students satisfied and with sparks in their eyes.

We than went for a field visit to SEZA GOA Pig Iron Plant. I visited the plant for the first time. I had never ever imagined such gigantic furnaces, boilers, turbines and DG sets. It was a wonderful experience.

Oflate the tolerance and gentleness is getting evaporated out of my personality. I seem to use the weapons of words very effectively and from within I feel I am just being common. I am getting stripped off my pseudo spirituality. I may now realize how common a man I am and perhaps true spiritual practice will start from there.

I came home early and slept for about 3 hours and then went with aparna for shopping.

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