Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Whats Being Spiritual

I feel even an inch of practice is worth more than miles of preaching.Its a great tragedy that most enjoy latter more than the former.When I see people who have been religious and so called spiritual for their entire life as total failures in their own life, I am totally surprised.Now what do we mean by success in life .
I would like to define it as attaining happiness in ones life and filling the life of all the people around one with happiness. And I find this simple criterian being breached again and again by thousands of so called spiritual people.I don't understand why the path to permannet happiness should consist of so much discontent ,discomfort and sorrow.If we go for a picnic to a nice scenic spot, not only is the destination beautiful but the travel to that destination with all the friends is enjoyable too.I feel one must keep oneself joyfull and happy.Sant Tukaram has said, just do one thing, make your mind pleasant and youll get all the rest in life.

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