Monday, October 01, 2012

Give me Everything ..

Rupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dvisho jahiGrant us  beauty , Grant us victory, Grant us welfare, remove all hostility.

Dehi saubhagyam arogyam dehi mein paramam sukham
Give us auspiciousness , health and ultimate never ending happiness .

-Devi Mahatmya.

I have been chanting this mantra as a regular part of shodoshopchari Puja (the 16 fold offerings) for years. However this year during Ganesh puja, this mantra brought in a new awareness in my heart .This Mantra kind of started ringing and echoing for the whole day and it just doesn't stop even after Mangal Murti  has left for his divine abode.

How much do we ask from the Lord.?

Are we into devotion ? or a business of devotion ?

"Oh lord we offer you this small Puja and some Modaks and give us almost everything under the sun .

Make me handsome , give me wealth , give me sons ( Not one , many :-) :-) ), make me victorious , give me health ."

On the one hand we say that the lord is all powerful and all knowledgeable . If we really mean what we say  then he knows whats best for us on the path of self evolution until we achieve the ultimate goal of life .How then we urge him again and again with so many wishes some of which we clearly do not deserve.

I feel we should realize that there is a divine powerful mechanism driven very intelligently by the Lord in which he puts us through very trying situations , to mold us, purify us so as to make us eligible to receive him

How then our desires emanating from our limited selfish wisdom ,are  more valid than his all pervading , omnipotent and omnipresent chit shakti that has very different plans for us  ?

We need to yield to his wish , submit to his demands and intelligently think about the situations that he places us in .We need to take very seriously , the messages that he is giving us again and again . Every day , every second he sends hundreds of signals within and without . He wants us to dwell on them . Introspect and grow . Embrace his dictates ..and surrender to him ..