Monday, May 16, 2005

Poetry , night and day.

Will my words ever express my feelings fully?
Will the silent pain of my love ever knock on your heart?
Will you let me flow these palms full of flowers on yourself?
Knew that love is God, and I sought it night and day.

Creativity and poetry in full flow these days. I don’t know how this happened. I remember an experience when I wrote my first poetry and how I felt about it. It was nothing that I did. I was just an instrument and the creator was someone else. The result was a divine experience of supreme bliss as the lines were being given out one after another. I wrote two poetries in past few days. Love seems to be the theme, which is getting expressed more and more.

Today, I went to Ponda to meet Dr Sarjyotishi. The discussion was satisfactory and I am happy, I have made yet another high profile contact. Seems like, if it clicks it can give me a real push. Maintenance management term work is still to be done and like always it will be a huge load in the end. How can I conquer my habit of procrastination?

After so many days of waiting I finally got the precious song that I was looking out for. As I was returning from Ponda I listened to it at least 12 times. I should send this song to all my poet friends and make them appreciate the poetry of khyaam.

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