Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back to Blogging....on the other side of river .....of life..

After how many months? may be an year?.....but I am back....inspiration from another blogger across seven seas and I am back to blogging business.The wheels of change have rotated too fast in the past year.....this time all the changes were pleasant.Or have I learnt to take things positively? I don't know.I have given away the Gazzetted Officer's Job. Morale is rocketing . SAP certification.....My God I don't believe I did it. mySAP solution consultant...sounds good....But .The journey hereonwards will be on a totally different path . It will be much different as compared to the previous one. There are dangers lurking on every step and an open and frank person like me can fall into them so easily . I will have to be cautious and careful as I proceed ahead . I am sharply aware of the fact that the coming days will bring with them lots of hardships , yet there will be days full of learning . What ever I may feel I know that a new period of opportunities has been ushered in my life . Lets wait and see what happenes......

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