Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Who am I? A desert traveler?

As for centuries have I walked in these sands, in scorching sun and blistering heat.

I walked and walked till my summer’s end

An oasis was it with promises ever so tempting

With a call ever so true

Where the Morning breeze of faithfulness flew kissing my cheeks

Where the green green affection made me moist with love

When the nights brought hopes of loving tomorrows

And the spirited days began …… forgetting myself

Love all around celebrating the chemistry so soulful

And I knew for sure I was to stay here

For all times for all days in the sweet embrace of green grace

In the dark hours of night than came a voice

A voice so different from the music of oasis

Oh traveler dare not stay here for too long!

This is not your home,tis a home for those special !

You are a desert vagabond and not an oasis dweller

Out you go, to walk in the sands cause that is your home for real

Heart tore, tears flew and the desert traveler was much in pain

With wounded palms and crippled legs how will I get up again?

But I know as the voice rings in my heart

“This is not your home,tis a home for those special !”

That I was no more than what I was, a desert traveler again.

I love my sands I love the heat and I know I have no more pain to meet

Pull myself, pull me in, small and small as much I can

Till I become a grain as small as the one of sand

Ages pass and the traveler became sand himself.

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